St. Laurence's Gate will close to traffic in 2017. Thank you from the Close the Gate Committee!

We did it. YOU did it. Together we closed the gate!

What a result! By an overwhelming majority, the councillors of Drogheda voted yes to the new traffic management plan and yes to closing St. Laurence’s Gate. A big thank you to all the Committee members, past and present, our councillors, and every single person who helped, wrote, phoned, emailed and took selfies in Drogheda, all over Ireland and all over the world. Thank you everyone.

Please help protect and save Drogheda’s medieval heritage

Why close the gate?

St Laurence’s Gate in Drogheda is a one of a kind monument – one of the last vestiges of the Pale and the last standing of the original seven gates of the medieval walled town of Drogheda. Standing proud over Laurence Street, it is the finest example of a barbican gate in all of Europe. It has stood firm for over 700 years repelling invaders and resisting the destruction visited on its 6 sister gates and the old town walls. Unbelievably, it is still open to traffic, which threatens its very existence, due to harmful fumes which eat away at the ancient stonework, and more worryingly, physical damage from trucks and cars. 2016 saw one of its worst years – many serious incidents with trucks hitting the ancient landmark, leaving visible and possibly unseen structural damage.

It’s time to Close the Gate. Closing the Gate means saving the gate. For our citizens, for visitors to our town, and for future generations.

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What will it be like with the Gate closed?

Imagine, if you will, a summer’s day at the Gate, closed now to traffic. Tourists flock, eager to see the sights. Small shops and stalls, delis and cafes flourish at the foot of the Gate, busy with passing locals and visitors. Tours, music evenings, street theatre and community events abound, with everyone free to wander around the gate and marvel at this magnificent medieval structure. This is our vision, our dream for the future – for everyone. We CAN make it happen.It’s time to Close the Gate. Closing the Gate means saving the gate. For our citizens, for visitors to our town, and for future generations.

Together we CAN do this. Let's all pull together to get our Gate closed!

– Ann Mc Veigh, Close The Gate Committee Member

Some Local Political Support

Some Gate facts and figures

700 years standing
3000 stone blocks (approx)
2700 vehicles per day (08:00-18:00)
284 vehicles every hour (08:00-18:00)

We have come along way in 2016 in the campaign to get the gate closed. Here's hoping 2017 is the year it finally happens.

– Annie McGinley, Close The Gate Committee Member

Would you like to help?

Our campaign is still in progress and we need the on-going support of the good people of Drogheda and elsewhere to achieve our goal.

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